International Trade and Chinese Production

Chinese Production Hanaco's dream has always been to grow and lead the way. With the future in mind, Hanacomedical Co investigated the possibility of offshore production and in 1986, Tianjin Hanaco Medical Co., Ltd was established in the Tianjin Economic and Technology Development Area, Mainland China. Tianjin Hanaco is a 70% Hanacomedical Japan owned, Chinese-Japanese Joint Venture Company.

With Asia now playing such an important role in world production, and China being the very heart of that activity, Chinese production has flourished and matured and proven its value a thousand times over.

In Mainland China, large scale technologically advanced production systems have resulted in stable, low cost, high quality production. As we have grown, economies of scale have improved and quality control systems have been refined and entrenched into everything we do.

Research carried out in Japan is supplemented with now substantial research capabilities in our facilities in China.

From the beginning, the difference between us and other companies has been the experience, knowledge, technology, management, research and customer focused approach we have taken to China from Japan.
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Our Japanese made measuring instruments, production machinery and technology, used in our factories in China and our ability to quickly up date this technology from head office in Japan, has given our Chinese production great stability and peace of mind.
Our needles and raw materials are also sourced from Japan ensuring strong control over the essential elements determining quality.

A strong presence of experienced Japanese management in China and a constant communication exchange has proven to be a cornerstone of our success.
At our Chinese based facilities great importance has been placed on hygiene, sterilization, product quality and packaging related issues, as we perceive these issues to be of great importance.

A total of more than 1000 staff are now
employed in China.

Total building area is about 13000m2.

Products exported worldwide.
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